Introducing another Innovation from Performance Design.

We’ve been using several of our own design screwdriver type tools for a long time. We now have come up with a completely new concept for a screwdriver more versatile than any available screwdriver we’ve ever seen.  The main issues with using any screwdriver are generally the same. Sometimes it can be hard to keep the tip, or end, engaged to the fastener, no matter what type fastener. Screwdrivers with their narrow long handles don’t work Well for both getting good leverage &, keeping them tightly engaged with the faster. Countless of stripped fasteners of all types and sorts are a solid testament to that. Try a little experiment. Take a screwdriver, put it up against anything you won’t damage. Grip it however you normally do. Put some decent pressure on it as if you were turning a screw or other fastener that turns fairly hard, Now, without releasing any pressure at all on the screwdriver, turn or rotate it a couple times around, without releasing any pressure, or relaxing while doing so.

Well, now you see what I mean, typical screwdrivers, the way they’ve been made for many years had a major missing element. When you are releasing your grip, to rotate your hand back, to twist it another quarter of a turn or so, is when it slips, & the next twist damages the fastener. I’m sure you’ve at one time or other taken the palm of one hand & placed it on the end of the handle, then with the other, rotated the screwdriver. If you haven’t done that many times, you’re certainly not very old, nor have you worked on very many “mechanical” things! Especially on a race bike or vehicle, you don’t want stripped fasteners anywhere. Even the “Palm” type screwdrivers have the same problems.

Also when an engine is running, isn’t it a “joy” trying to keep the screwdriver, nut driver/setter, or etc., on the adjustment screw? How about when you can’t or don’t want to get close to it due to hot exhaust manifolds or headers? Well here’s a “screwdriver” that will completely manageweb_driver_handle.jpg (46091 bytes) all those issues. How many times have you been turning an adjustment, & lost track of where you started or how many turns you went as well, because the screwdriver tip kept coming disengaged?



How it works

webhand1.jpg (60203 bytes)You simply grab the knob & ball with a natural grip. Your two smaller fingers will naturally go around the smooth, (so its very comfortable in your hand), and basically hold the ball against the palm of your hand. The ball & shaft is designed and made so even with pressure on it, the tool will spin free & easily. webhand3.jpg (63685 bytes)Now with your thumb & other two fingers, you can get a very healthy bit of leverage almost without even trying. You never have to release the pressure if you don’t want to, as long as you continue to hang on to the “spinner ball” with your two smaller fingers & the palm of your hand. You can also easily almost spin a fastener with just your index finger, try that with a regular screwdriver or ratchet driver. The ratchet driver can do some of the same things, but definitely not all. We even machine a small “dimple” in the knob, so you can easily keep track of rotations while adjusting. You won’t be rubbing off the painted mark this way! The ends are ¼” Hex Drive, so you can cover a lot of situations, with one unit, & not a handful!
webhand6.jpg (134902 bytes)

It’s Construction

webhand8.jpg (144867 bytes)The main shafts are made from quality Stainless Steel. The ¼” Hex Drive Ends are also machined from Stainless. We keep them as slender as possible so you won’t have a “bunch” of clearance issues, as with a larger dia. end. Instead of welding the ends on, (which would be so much easier when manufacturing) we decided to spend the extra time, and machine for pins as well as have to deal with more tolerances in fitting the end to the shaft. webhand7.jpg (110584 bytes)This way if you somehow damaged the end, you won’t need to buy another, we can just replace the end for you or you can do it yourself. The pins we use in these are high strength 420 Stainless Steel. The knob itself is not rough on it’s circumference, but has smooth “ridges” so you can get a real good grip, without it being hard at all on your hands or fingers, & so if it gets “oily” etc. while you’re using it, you can still grip it tightly.

webhand5.jpg (139655 bytes)Much time was spent on things like the dia. of the ball, the dia. of the knob, the type of circumference it has, the distance from the top of the knob to the bottom of the ball, etc. etc. We wanted to be sure we could have a “standard” arrangement so smaller hands as well as larger hands could both grip & use it very comfortably. web_screw_tip.jpg (36045 bytes)We know you’ll probably find it a little awkward the first time you grip it, because we’re quite sure you’ve never used anything like it. After you use it a few minutes, (or seconds actually) you will be amazed someone didn’t come up with it a long time ago. For the amount of time, & the quality that goes into them, they are definitely priced low, especially compared to other similar products out there that are purchased regularly!

We will be releasing some more versions of these in the future, as we’ve found many issues with tools, which have apparently never been addressed.

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