Introducing the         TURBO-T TM


   T-Rex Turbo-T w.JPG (48050 bytes)  Our NEWEST Turbo-T is the T-Rex. The T-Rex is our off-shoot of the standard Turbo-T design, used mainly for larger fasteners. It packs some serious inertia when you give it a quick spin. It is perfect when the ultimate in speed and power is needed do to the lack of electricity or air. Another perfect scenario is when you want high speed and high power, but need much more control than even quality tools can provide.

alot leverage.jpg (17500 bytes)You simply grab the black ball knobs to break the fastener loose or tighten it. Then very quickly spin the fastener off or on as you take the red handle which spins freely and give one of the black knobs a spin.

give spin.jpg (20957 bytes)It is 1/2" drive, 13" handle and 16" long shaft. The tool is made form quality Stainless Steel. The internal components are Stainless Steel also. The spinner handle is machined from aircraft aluminum, with a special 'cut knurl' on them. The ball knobs are durable polypropylene.

   After going on 3 decades of designing & building many types of Race Engines, Race Car Chassis, Race Bike Chassis, & so forth, one can easily think of many tools & so forth that would be really nice to have if they were available. This is especially true when being so in depth with both the Automotive & Motorcycle Racing Industry, at the same time. We are now bringing out & taking to market several of the trick tools we’ve made for ourselves, & Fork Master  w.JPG (56220 bytes)

been using for a good while. We have decided to innovate/develop, patent, manufacture & take to market new, extremely helpful tools for these industries. The quality out there these days on average is so poor, you wonder how it sells, no matter how “cheap” or inexpensive it is! As long as we can do this without taking away any focus on our continuing Race Engine component, development & manufacturing,  etc.,  we’ll continue to do so. We are not interested in doing things that are already on the market, unless of course no one makes a quality top-of-the-line first class component, that needs to be taken to the “next level”. You will be seeing many “Firsts” right here on this site on an ongoing basis. As customers have noticed already, our concern is not trying to compete by making the “cheapest” common part  with barely enough engineering & quality to say so. It is to bring out our own innovations that are many times a radical departure from the “norm”, that are first class in function, first class in manufactured construction, & all at a very fair price, especially for what you are purchasing & with the care that has gone into it.

5 Turbo-T`s w.JPG (128132 bytes) 1  4  drive Turbo T w.JPG (59681 bytes) 3 8 Dr Turbo-T w.JPG (70838 bytes) 1 2 dr Turbo-T w.JPG (90451 bytes) Extended Turbo-T w.JPG (121034 bytes)

We can pretty much guarantee you’ve never had a faster more convenient non-powered method of driving fasteners in your hands. For sockets & accessories, along with all types of Hex Bits, we’ve got you covered.

It’s been pretty common knowledge amongst Motorcycle Mechanics for years that the std. T-Handle is by far the fastest hand tool for it’s purpose. We’ve used T-Handles building automotive & motorcycle race engines for over 27 years ourselves. The only two down-sides we could see is that if your tools weren’t located next to where you were working, you many times had to grab a pretty big handful of them to take to where you were working. So it was more convenient to just handle a ¼” or 3/8” drive T-Handle & sockets (or Hex-Bits). The second was sometimes trying to keep a T-Handle attached to what you were quickly turning, be it a screw, bolt, nut, etc., w/a socket hex bit, or etc. If you push in on the shank, with a firm grip, well, obviously it’s not going to spin very free. Even gripping it tightly, it was still much faster than a speed handle though. You would need to keep re-gripping the shank as your hand slid down it as you were applying pressure. Well, now you can own a tool that is by far the ultimate speed & convenience non-powered driver; along with being machined  from high quality Stainless Steel.

                                                                                     Tool design

Turbo-T & Pro-Torque ends w.JPG (116365 bytes)We have designed the Turbo-T with a very innovative method of installing a easy-grip no slip handle, that spins very freely on the main shank. There are no circlips in the shank on the ends to pinch your hand or fingers on, at all. Since a circlip groove would potentially weaken the shaft, we decided to come up with a completely different method. What we came up with is a completely hidden within the handle apparatus, where it’s protected against damage.

There are also special thrust shims within the handle that allow you to put plenty of force on the shank, keeping it engaged to the fastener while it still spins extremely free. This section is also completely rebuildable. We put a snap-ring into the handle, (not the shank), that you can remove to replace the thrust washers, after several years of use. We designed everything so wear would take place on the special nylon/delrin thrust washers & not the tool itself. The complete tool is made from Stainless Steel as well. We have our own design of springs installed under the detent ball that are in a machined bore in the attachment end of the tool. The springs are wound from high quality Stainless, and even the detent ball itself is Stainless Steel. We cut no corners when providing you with the best quality out there, while still being extremely affordable. The handles are even powder coated to have a little more protection from the elements, along with looking great as well. The shanks are all precisely machined to fit into the handle tightly, then they are hand Tig welded, to give you a nice, neat, solid tool that you can be proud of.

Std. Length  Hex Dr. Turbo T w.JPG (37878 bytes)   Quality vinyl end caps are places on the ends of the handle to     Turbo-T Hex Driver long w.JPG (54125 bytes) protect that nice paint job, just in case there is contact between the handle & where you don’t want any tools to touch! The two Hex Driver Turbo-T`s have the usual magnet along with a circular wire spring clip. This will ensure you won’t easily lose a bit as you retract the tool from tight quarters. The bits however will go in & pull out without difficulty.


Turbo-T handles w.JPG (153158 bytes) We are producing three different size handles, for the different dia. tools. They are 3/4", 1", and 1&1/4". They are all four inches long, and are CNC'd from high-grade Aircraft Aluminum. We machine a very unique 'Cut' Knurl instead of the traditional 'Rolled' Knurl. This produces a superb grip, but yet comfortable as well.


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